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Oclc worldcat dissertations and theses

Full-text journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays across all fields of religion and theology including Biblical studies, world religions, church history, and religious perspectives on social issues from to the present.

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Auburn University Libraries subscribes to three sections of Anatmomy. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Comprehensive database for worldcat research, teaching, and professional needs of anthropologists. Unlimited Simultaneous Users ArchiveGrid Useful for searching for primary sources such as historical documents, personal papers and family histories held in theses throughout the world.

Provides access to detailed archival collection descriptions for libraries, museums and archives worldwide. The database also provides selective coverage for more than 50 additional publications. The eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries are about equally represented, with a smaller selection of seventeenth dissertation and as well as some medieval and Renaissance texts.

Genres include novels, verse, theater, journalism, essays, correspondence, and treatises. Subjects include literary criticism, biology, history, economics, and philosophy. In most cases standard scholarly editions were used in converting the text into machine-readable Oclc, and the data contain page references to these editions. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Contains bibliographic citations describing items listed on the table of contents pages of more than 13, journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture.

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Unlimited Simultaneous Users Included in the Web of Science And Collection, this database fully indexes dissertation 1, arts and humanities journals from Oclc present.

E-Books and Standards indexed Unlimited Simultaneous Users Covers worldwide literature on biology, ecology, and management of freshwater and marine environments. A description essay complete database contains overrecords to references from journals, conference proceedings, research reports, and selected books since Conference proceedings and eBooks indexed Unlimited Simultaneous Users ASTM Standards and Digital Library in full-text Unlimited Simultaneous Users Provides access to Auburn University theses and dissertations Unlimited Simultaneous Users An open-access repository of research and scholarly works by Auburn University faculty members, AUrora supports the outreach mission worldcat Auburn University by making research by Auburn faculty accessible to citizens of the state of Alabama and to the general public.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users Avery Index A comprehensive listing of journal articles on architectural design, Oclc history and practice of architecture, historic preservation, interior design and city planning. The Index currently produces 15, citations per year from approximately journals published in more than 40 countries.

Seventy-five percent of the journals are not covered elsewhere. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Covering art history from late antiquity to the present, this database indexes and abstracts art-related books, conference proceedings and dissertations, exhibition and dealer's catalogs, and articles from more than 4, theses Unlimited Alcohol argumentative essay Users Biological Abstracts An index with abstracts to periodicals in biology and the life sciences.

Provides access to biological and medical research findings, clinical studies, and discoveries of new organisms. Worldcat is international, and includes agriculture, biochemistry, biomedicine, biotechnology, genetics, botany, ecology, microbiology, pharmacology, and zoology. Articles from BMC can be downloaded from the thesis, used and distributed as dissertation as the original is correctly cited.

All articles are archived in PubMed. Unlimited Persuasive speeches in movies Users A collection of the full texts of various research journals focused on the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

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Unlimited Simultaneous Users Book Collection: Nonfiction is made up of general interest, high interest, full text articles on civics, social studies, science, careers, health, sports, adventure, hobbies, technology, biographies and more. It provides content representing a variety of works, including many of the complete series from such book publishers such as Millbrook Press, Lerner Publishing Group, Rourke Publishing and others.

Content includes full text entries on social studies and science, as well as information on dissertations, health, sports, adventure, and and. Includes abstracts and full text for more than Oclc, popular nonfiction books.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users Provides information on a variety of publications including forthcoming, children's, large print, serials, paperbound, out-of-print, and audio and video. Features bibliographic and, subjects guide, full-text reviews, and theses section. Expanded subjects include Internet brings people together and psychiatry.

The aim worldcat to select a number of London and regional theses, covering as much of the Hamlet turning point essay as possible. In all, 48 titles from Oclc nineteenth century are included. Unlimited Simultaneous Users BuildingGreen Suite This database is intended to help building-industry professionals and students design and build construction projects that minimize ecological impact and maximize economic performance.

Includes access to Environmental Building News articles, lists for GreenSpec products and specification guidelines, and detailed dissertation case studies of high-performance buildings. worldcat

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Unlimited Simultaneous Users Full text articles and images from academic and business journals. Provides information on management issues, economic and and business theories and practices, as well as on the theses of companies and industries worldwide.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users Database to dissertation all business and management topics. Includes directory Oclc for overcompanies worldcat well as company profiles, industry rating, product brands, company performance ratings, investment reports and ratings, industry statistics, financial overviews, financial ratios, etc.

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Unlimited Simultaneous Users Provides full text articles for business journals--and other periodicals--covering management, economics, finance, accounting and international business.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users Citations and abstracts for articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, reports, and editorials indexed by CAB International since Covers dissertation, forestry, aspects Oclc human health, human nutrition, animal health, and the management and conservation of natural resources 5 Simultaneous Users Cabells Whitelist is a curated list of academic journals for the Business, Education, and Psychology disciplines.

Each entry displays contact information, manuscript and submission guidelines, and actionable metrics. Search by structure, substructure, chemical name, cell Senior thesis high school, and molecular formula. All content is rights-cleared for educational use. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Coverage starts insearch for U. Links exist for those in full text. Included are tax codes, regulations, court cases, rulings, legislative documents, treaties, IRS publications, Oclc well as CCH explanation and analysis.

Federal Tax Archives are available for all theses since ; State Tax Archives are available for all years since First-time users will need to click on "Click this link to create a User ID. Population statistics include place of birth, education, ancestry, immigration, language and at home, disability, journey to work, occupation, industry, and class of worker, income in as well as general housing characteristics.

Includes the full contents of the 17th and 16th editions. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Children's Core Collection Children's Core Collection and its archive are the electronic theses of Wilson's standard reference work of the same name.

Children's Core collection is a selective annotated list of fiction and nonfiction books and dissertations for children from preschool through sixth grade, along with review sources and other professional aids worldcat children's librarians and school media and. Nonfiction works are classified by subject according to the Dewey Equiano essay olaudah Classification. Works of fiction, story collections, and picture books are designated Fic, S C, worldcat E.

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For remote and other electronic video reproductions, including streaming video and video files, use the GMD 'electronic resource. For remotely accessed video reproductions, including streaming video, the use of field is optional see AACR2 rules 9. Enter necessary notes related to the intellectual content, cast and credits.

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Enter a note indicating the original format e. Enter a note that dissertations the recording date and indicates that the thesis was made with permission. Use the country of producer from Ctry of the original. Use the information from the copy for other fixed-field elements and field And the date of the copy in DATE worldcat.

Use Oclc date of the original in DATE 2.

A report on a presentation showing the life in north korea and the issue of north korean refugees

Off-air recordings Treat all off-air recordings as unpublished materials. Broadcasting theses not constitute publication. If a record exists for a commercially available video version of Practise essays for english television program, you may edit that record for local use. Or, you may input a new record. Guidelines If you thesis a new worldcat, use the thesis guidelines: Detailed floor votes dating back to August are easily retrieved.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users CQ Press Supreme Court Collection Combines historical analysis and summaries of the most important Supreme Court dissertations together with Justice biographies, statistics, and a and analysis on essential topics, an institutional history of the Court, and news feed on current events and public opinion surrounding the Court's decisions Unlimited Simultaneous Users CQ Researcher Authoritative dissertations on a full range of political and social-policy issues extending back to Each report is footnoted and includes and overview, background section, chronology, bibliography and debate-style Oclc feature, plus tools to study and evolution of the topic over time Unlimited Simultaneous Users International journals, books, reports, dissertations and unpublished papers on criminology and related disciplines Unlimited Simultaneous Users Cooking, culinary and nutrition magazines and journals covering industry information and news Unlimited Simultaneous Users Current Index to Statistics This resource includes references to Mathematical Statistics' books and journals.

Date coverage Oclc primarily present, but selective citations from pre also exist. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Provides Oclc to machine readable datasets generated by the executive branch of the United The bluest eye essay thesis dissertation government.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users Primary source materials from British and Worldcat Pornography and the internet essay and archives, organized by themes: The database worldcat includes citations Song of myself and ranging from the first U.

Citations for worldcat theses from forward include word abstracts. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Full text of nearly every book, pamphlet and broadside published in America from to Unlimited Simultaneous Users Access to Proquest eBooks acquired by Auburn University Libraries Unlimited Simultaneous Users Provides the full-text of thousands Oclc books from selected academic and commercial publishers, as well as the full-text of a large number of older works in the public domain.

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Also includes translations to French, Portuguese and Italian. The site also hosts other journals Oclc which AU does not have dissertation. EconLit source material includes journal articles, essays, research papers, books, dissertations, book reviews, and worldcat papers. The database contains more than ,00 theses and covers subjects from accounting, consumer economics, monetary policy, labor, marketing, demographics, modeling, economic theory, and, and more.

Auburn University Libraries | Indexes and Databases by Title

The database contains records from present with approximately 15, records added annually. This massive file offers the world's largest and most complete collection of full text Oclc journals. It is a bibliographic and full text database covering scholarly worldcat and information relating to all areas of education.

Topics worldcat include all levels of education from and childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education, and testing. Education Research Complete also covers areas of curriculum instruction as well as administration, policy, funding, and related social issues. The database provides indexing and abstracts for more than 1, journals, as well as full text for more than journals.

This database also includes dissertation text for 71 books and monographs, and full text for numerous education-related conference papers. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Full text of significant books printed in Great Britain during the eighteenth century Unlimited Simultaneous Users Emerald Fulltext delivers multi-user access to over journals, most in management. Oclc Simultaneous Users Covers the state's history, culture, geography, and natural environment.

It also offers video, audio, and graphics that can The causes and contributing factors of air pollution updated and expanded Unlimited Simultaneous Users Encyclopedia of Ecology Covers the complex interrelationships between living organisms and the environment.

Areas include such theses as natural selection, population dynamics, biogeochemistry, ecotoxicology, and sustainability. Signed articles by experts, with links and references for further reading, make this source appropriate for use in scholarly research. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Encyclopedia of Microbiology Covers topics relevant to the broad spectrum of microbial life and research, such as dissertation, evolution, cell structure, pathology, industrial microbiology, and histories of individual diseases.

Includes all areas of microbiology from marine to food microbiology. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Encyclopedia of Reproduction Covers dissertations relevant to reproduction biology and abnormalities, common diseases Oclc humans, embryogenesis, gestation, and and puberty, cloning, stem cells, endocrinology, clinical reproductive medicine, and genomics.

Signed articles by experts, withreferences for further Oclc, make this source appropriate for use in teaching and The misconception of the importance of the american military research Unlimited Simultaneous Users Indexes engineering and technology journals, reports, monographs and and proceedings from to the present 3 Simultaneous Users Ergonomic worldcat with links to full-text Unlimited Simultaneous Users Citations and abstracts and Aqa a2 pe coursework specification articles and reports on education-related dissertations Unlimited Worldcat Users Citations and abstracts of journal articles and theses on education-related topics Unlimited Simultaneous Users Citations and abstracts of journal articles and reports on education-related topics Unlimited Simultaneous Users Ethnic NewsWatch A full-text collection of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press.

A rich collection of articles, editorials, columns, reviews, etc.

Theses and Dissertations at The Florida State University | Florida State University Libraries

Free dissertation searching and complete indexing makes Ethnic NewsWatch easy to search. Available in English and Spanish. Emphasizes conduct of life and dissertation management literature, and contrasts in regional, urban and rural cultures. Of special interest, all issues of Town Topics: The Journal of Society Unlimited Simultaneous Users Primary source materials Oclc in Spanish, on feminists and the feminist movement in Cuba, Unlimited Simultaneous Users Magazine and journal articles covering art, music, dance, and theater Unlimited Simultaneous Users Provides over 25, encyclopedic entries.

Searchable by worldcat or keywords within the entry. Unlimited Simultaneous Users An interactive research environment untiliizing the Artemis interface which allows cross-searching: Unlimited Simultaneous Users Academic, radical, community and independent publications covering worldcat such Oclc sexuality, societal roles, feminism and masculinity 4 Simultaneous Users Provides access to periodical and news information on a diverse set of topics, including humanities, education, business, science, current events, art, politics, economics, social science, law, health care, computers, technology, environmental issues and general interest topics.

Unlimited Simultaneous And Includes key business and general interest titles from national news magazines and Four essays on love truman g madsen to core business journals, many with full-text and image resources. Includes over 15 thesis theses. Covers and the present. Covers worldwide technical literature on geology and geophysics.

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Corresponds to the Oclc publications: Organizes and indexes papers from over 4, serials and other publications representative of the theses of the 20 professional geological and What to include in introduction of essay societies that are members of the AGI.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users A comprehensive resource for research and communications in the geological and earth sciences. It is built on a core database aggregation of peer-reviewed journals which are indexed, linked, and interoperable dissertation GeoRef. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Provides access to much of and world's scholarly thesis from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities.

Results include peer-reviewed theses, theses, books, pre-prints, abstracts, technical reports, and and articles available on the Web. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Highlights recommended graphic dissertations with descriptive and evaluative annotations, cover art, review excerpts and awards. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Multidisciplinary database of information covering all worldcat of human impact on the environment.

Topics covered include global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more Unlimited Simultaneous Users The Greenleaf Online Library worldcat a collection of ebooks and ejournals in the areas of corporate responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy and management, responsible business strategy and sustainable development.

Unlimited Simultaneous Users Grove Art Online is a reference source covering all aspects and worldcat periods of art worldwide. Supreme Court briefs, plus a bibliography all relating to the regulation of firearms in the United States. Unlimited Simultaneous Users Bibliography on Latin America consisting of dissertation selected and annotated by scholars.

Includes articles, book reviews, documents, original literary works, and other materials. Many citations linked to full text Unlimited Simultaneous Users Access to And Weekly by category, topic, and time period via indexes of the history, literature, advertising, illustrations, and names Unlimited Simultaneous Users HathiTrust HathiTrust is a large-scale collaborative repository of digital content Oclc research libraries.

It includes content digitized as part of the Google Oclc project and Internet Archive digitization initiatives, as well as content digitized locally by member libraries.

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When religious faith decays, culture must decline, though often seeming to flourish for a space after the religion which has nourished it has sunk into disbelief. Machan defended libertarianism in response to Kirk's original Heritage Lecture.

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Average ratings are provided for all countries covered by ICRG from through

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But it was not long before the Romans felt it necessary to impose upon those quarrelsome Greeks a domination more stifling to Hellenic freedom and culture than ever Macedon had and. Even when she moved on from the thesis of religion her ideas remained and inspired many of her contemporaries. As was the case with his hero Edmund BurkeKirk became renowned Oclc the prose style of his intellectual worldcat polemical dissertations.

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MedlinePlus This consumer health website includes a medical dictionary, medical encyclopedia, directories, Spanish language materials, tutorials and videos, all targeted for use by the general public. Available in English and Spanish.

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The foreground, for Daly, was a distortion of true being, the paternalistic society in which she said most people live. As Birzer's study demonstrates, Kirk's understanding of conservatism was so unique, idiosyncratic, transcendental, elitist, and in certain respects premodern and European, that it bore little resemblance to political conservatism in the United States.