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The causes and contributing factors of air pollution

Feb 25,  · Major Factors of Environmental Pollution. Many people unconsciously contribute to massive atmosphere pollution without even knowing it. Fumigating homes, household cleaning products and painting supplies, insect and pest repellents, refrigerator liquids, deodorants, hairspray, and other similar products pollute air every day (ESchoolToday).

We also performed the relative error check to validity of the model.

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Only for Punjabi Bagh PM 2. Further strengthen the Model by including another months of data. This will help further increase the accuracy of the There is some opportunity to do PCA Analysis, Factor Analysis and Discriminant Analysis to further separate the pollutant factors and identify the combinations of pollutants and its impact at each location. This could help the local administration to chart out a localized strategy for Pollution reduction.

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For purpose of record, these days are: Average Pollutant Levels across 4 locations Insights: There is clear correlation between wind speed and PM 2. Impact on Number of Cars on the Road Insights: Lower reduction rate attributed to: Picture Art values essay the impact of Bio-Mass burning Satellite image showing the extent of Bio Mass burning immediately after the harvest. Exhaust from vehicles Pollution from automobiles is clearly visible in every city of the world.

Vehicles run on fossil fuels College essay strengths and weaknesses as petroleum and gasoline that emit soot and harmful gases such as CO and NOx which are among the major air pollutants in the environment.

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Burning of fossil fuels in power plants Power plants burn a massive amount of fossil fuels such as gas and coal to produce electricity and as a result results in the mass production of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide among others.

Mining activities Mining involves different operations such as drilling, extracting, blasting and transportation. Air pollution from mining is caused because of release of gases such as methane, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide etc. Agriculture Ammonia based fertilizers, which is abundantly released during agriculture, is one of the harmful air pollutants. Also the increased practice of using fertilizers and pesticides by farmers also releases other unwanted chemicals in the atmosphere.

Indoor pollution Substances causing indoor pollution are chemicals used in cleaning, paints containing lead and suspended particulate matter.

What are the factors which contribute to air pollution?

Below mentioned are the major pollutants in found in polluted air. Harmful ozone is found in the lower part of our atmosphere or near the earth surface. It can cause respiratory ailments such as asthma.

In a typical industrial plant, for instance, it is easy to notice the long chimneys or smokestacks erected into the airemitting large amounts of fumes and smoke from it.

Various Causes of Air Pollution

Industrial plants, factories, and power plants release high amounts of organic compounds, chemicals, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide into the air. Industrial plants that refine petroleum, manufacture cement, produce metals such as steel and aluminum, process plastics, or manufacture chemical products are among the industries and manufacturing activities that release lots of foreign harmful materials into the air.

Petroleum refineries, Concluding dissertation example, emit high levels of hydrocarbons into the air.

Most manufacturing plants release the pollutants in small amounts, but continuously over extended time periods that eventually leads to cumulative negative effects.

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In some cases, manufacturing plants have accidentally emitted high scores of air pollution in a very short time span that has lead to massive harm to human and animal health and destroyed plant life. Combustion From Fossil Fuels In the modern world, fossil fuel combustion is the biggest contributor to air pollution.

The leading culprit today is traffic, but factories and power plants also continue to contribute to some extent. Conventional power plants that combust fossil fuels to produce energy emits hazardous gases such as oxides of nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, particulates, and hydrocarbons into the air.

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The number of Moral equivalence thesis on our roads are overwhelming and increasing, with an estimated number of more than half a billion cars on the road. Heavy duty trucks, shipping vessels, trains, and airplanes also combust lots of fossil fuels to function. All these transportation utilities are power-driven by diesel and gasoline engines that combust petroleum to produce energy.

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In the s Congress banned them as a persistent organic pollutant, the cause of numerous environmental contamination sites now considered unlivable, including Superfund sites in Massachusetts, New York, Indiana and the Great Lakes.

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Environmental pollution is any discharge of material Essay on pet animals dog energy into water, land, or air that causes or may cause acute short-term or chronic long-term detriment to the Earth's ecological balance or that lowers the quality of life in the environment. In addition, timber production causes global deforestation, and this leads directly to the increase of the carbon dioxide share in the atmosphere Tropical-Rainforest-Animals.