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The Internet brings us closer together Probably the best argument in favour of the internet bringing people closer together is the fact it is a global phenomenon. People from all over the world are online, sharing content and using the same websites.

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However, critics of the Internet believe that Internet use, while connecting more people virtually, makes people more isolated socially because the more time they spend online, the less time they spend interacting in real life. They believe that electronic communication is not as in-depth or reliable as communication in person or on the phone.

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For example, UK Uncut have arranged tax avoidance protests, 38 Degrees and others are campaigning to save the forests and UKpling are working to organise an online campaign to save the libraries.

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People from all over the world are online, sharing content and using the same websites. This gives both individuals and businesses more opportunities than ever before to extend their networks and reach out to people they may otherwise never meet.

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We can also see it in Internet UK, where Thesis chapter outline campaigns have been organised online brings a variety of groups. This suggests that together is massive potential for interaction on an online platform and for smaller websites to benefit from the people of larger ones, thereby connecting different groups from different industries through a central hub.