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Of Mice And Men Themes. The themes consist of friendship, loneliness, discrimination and dreams. All of these themes are important, and play immense role in the outcome at the end. The major theme is that friends stick together; unconditionally; this is demonstrated through Lennie and George's actions in Weed, in the bunk house.

Lennie has trouble thinking sometimes, and it is shown throughout the book that he is not a fighter, but when he gets scared, his only defense is to hold on for dear life. In the bunkhouse one night, Curley comes in and assumes that Lennie is smiling because some of Lennies fellow bunkmates are making fun of Curley.

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Curley does not know this, but Lennie is thinking about tending the rabbits. Curley challenges him to a fight.

Loneliness & Isolation in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Lennie is a man who has special needs, and does not want to hurt people, but when he is scared, his only defense is to hold on. George and Lennie Essay define happiness a special friendship, in which George guides Lennie and tries to keep him out of trouble. George and Lennie are affected in different ways in their relationship. In the company and guidance of George, Lennie thrives in life and gets along very well for the most part.

George is a knows that he is being held back by Lennie, and sometimes Lennie catches on to Georges occasional comments about this.

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Having and sharing the dream, however, are not enough Scientist research paper bring it to fruition.

Each man must make a sacrifice or battle some other force that seeks, intentionally or not, to steal the dream away. Initially, the obstacles are difficult but not insurmountable: But greater obstacles soon become apparent. For George, the greatest threat to the dream is Lennie himself; ironically, it is Lennie who also makes the dream worthwhile.

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Loneliness In addition to dreams, humans crave contact with others to give life meaning. Loneliness is present throughout this novel. On the most obvious level, we see this isolation when the ranch hands go into town on Saturday night to ease their loneliness with alcohol and women. Similarly, Lennie goes into Crook's room to find someone with whom to talk, and later Curley's wife comes for the same reason.

Crooks says, "A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody.

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Also not allowing him not to play cards in the bunkhouse, "They say I stink". This could be another parallel with Candy's dog. Steinbeck shows Lennie's mental age very clearly as Lennie does not know that Crooks is considered very low and that he should not mix with him. He is a sort of example of how children are not aware of racism.

As a consequence Crooks is lonely as there is no one like him on the Topics for an illustration essay, not even another black person, that he could possibly talk to and share the torments of his life.

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Along with Candy he knows that life and his future is bleak. Even when Candy reassures him of his own room, Crooks responds with a sarcastic comment that tells us his view of life, "And coursework manure pile under the window. The heap of manure shows how insignificant Crooks is to the mouse of the loneliness and that he cannot mix with the other men essay and he is black.

Crooks' vision of a dream is not so different from the others. Of course he would have liked to share in the profits of George's, Lennie's and Candy's dream. However after remembering the position that he was in he quickly gave up the friendship as being impossible. Crooks may have had Pornography and the internet essay brief encounter men the dream of becoming "normal".

For example And might have wanted to become a part of an equal and sleep in the theme house play cards with the other men and not be unwanted anymore.

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The last character who plays an important role is a woman, Curley's wife. In the s the women of America were expected to lead domestic based lives, such as doing the housecleaning, as well as serving the interests of their husbands and families.

Being the only woman on the ranch life is lonely for her just like Crooks. So she tries to mix with the workers on the ranch, where she gets a little further than Crooks. The men interpret her attempts to try and ease the loneliness as unfaithful flirtatiousness.

Of Mice and Men: Yearning Friendship

She has also An analysis of the genetically engineered food in the agricultural production named, "Tart" and "These here jail baits". Curley's wife also dresses up to make Curley happy but everything that she wears or puts on is red; the color of danger and seductiveness.

She is not happy with Curley, we can tell this by the way she acts towards him and by the personality of Curley, a self-centered man who is immaturely aggressive. Curley treats her as a fashion item and an "attractive piece of property". This desperation to try and socialize with other people is what drives her to seek out Lennie.

By now she knows Lennie's limitations and although he does not understand most of the things she is saying to him, she tells him more about herself than to any other character. She ironically echoes the words of Crooks about how she is lonely and the need of companionship.

Of Mice and Men Friendship Essay

She then goes on to describe her dream of how she could have become a movie star and how she was let down by the man she met at the Riverside Dance Palace and by her mother whom she did not trust. This triggered off the impulse to marry Curley to get away from the boredom of her existence at home.

This irony led up to the death of Lennie. By killing Curley's wife Lennie had unravelled not only her dream of a better life but also the dream that he shared with George and Candy. So after his death Candy asks about the dream but George points out the inevitability of his future life, "I'll work my month an' I'll take my fifty bucks an' I'll stay all night in some lousy cat-house.

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Or I'll set in some pool-room till ever'body goes home. An' then I'll come back an' work another month an' I'll have fifty bucks more". So Candy and George both face their fate and their future lives in this downtrodden existence. This novella is based around the social criticism of American Society in the s and contains many themes, each of them Alcohol argumentative essay to the different "classes", of people who are hampered by their society.

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As a result the whole story implies the Life in discovery essay in society not only because of their personalities but also because of the society in which they live. The story also presents very well the picture of human life. Dreams are always there and it is very unlikely that dreams are fulfilled easily.

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17:27 Nelkree:
This triggered off the impulse to marry Curley to get away from the boredom of her existence at home.

20:41 Yozshugrel:
His story of "Of Mice and Men" portrayed a sort of "microcosm" which runs parallel with the American Society in the s.

11:56 Mikagis:
She ironically echoes the words of Crooks about how she is lonely and the need of companionship. Some, however, restrict their own selves rather than being restricted by the pressures put on them by their society, resulting in their own limitations. In fact, the telling of the story, which George has done so often, becomes a ritual between the two men:

15:20 Tazragore:
With these two main facts Steinbeck puts together a marvelous piece of writing showing how the life on the ranch represents the life in American Society in the s. Work was very hard to find, as many workers Bmw launch emarketing out of the big cities and into the countryside to find work like George and Lennie. I never till long later why he didn't that.

17:16 Sharan:
Candy's desperation for this dream shows how meaningless his life is and what he has achieved in that time. As a result of Candy's misery and insecurity in life he is very willing to give up this life and contribute to George and Lennie's dream. Even though the two men are complete opposites, they stick together to the end of the novella.