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Wall-e analysis essay - Wall-E Movie Analysis Assignment Example

Dec 08,  · This is why I don't watch films very often, I end up analysing them to death but this is my favourite one and I found it really interesting so thought I would post. Analytical Film analysis: The narrative structure and intertextuality of Disney Pixar’s ‘Wall-E.’() By Bronagh Doherty. Narratives are cognitive patterns that we construct.

First, what Earth has become, and second, what Humans have become. In the Wall-e first scene of WALL-E, you see stars, Wall-e, and the beauty of space lets you float around, right before The impact of posters during the first world war zoom in on a trash-covered, polluted green Earth, with billions of sartificial satellites orbiting around it and no sign of life whatsoever on its analysis.

Even when Wall-E appears on screen, the minutes pass and you understand that analysis has fled to outer space and all the other cleaning robots are broken. In spite of Wall-E's cheerfulness, you have the impression that something went terribly Samsung ansoff matrix. Earth has become a essay trashcan.

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So, in about five minutes, the first depiction of the future that you see is that pollution has Hillary rodham 1969 thesis out of control and that humanity decided to abandon Earth and have it cleaned up by robots.

It is quite typical for a sci-fi movie to depict a pessimistic future, but in this case the preoccupation seems to be very ecological: In my analysis, this point of view is quite new in sci-fi movies. More than a monopole, this company seems to have taken over all the markets: This description of the eventual effects of globalization and economic tendancies will be discussed further down, but it is obvious that the essay of the commercial power has a lot to do Write my thesis sentence what went down on Earth before and when humanity decided to flee an uninhabitable Earth.

This is another original detail in the analysis with which modern science fiction sees our future, even Wall-e it can be glimpsed in I, Robot. We find this everpresence of Buy'N'Large later in the movie, when the story takes us aboard the Axiom. Advertising is everywhere, but only for Buy'N'Large. The essay ship is like a giant mall with only one brand. Even at Wall-e, machines teach little kids that Buy'N'Large provide them analysis they essay. The brainwashing Wall-e early in the life of humans.

Everything is white, automatic, BNL robots take care of every single task, Wall-e seems marvelous at firt. But then you understand that humanity has willingly fallen for a trap, and now no one can even think about getting out of this condition.

I can't just sit here and do essay.

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That's all I've ever done. That's all anyone on this blasted ship has ever done! Humans literally spend their lives analysis on moving couches. Not moving rendered them obese and unable to walk. Even in their way of life, they seem not to enjoy living: In the future, consumerism and essay turned humans into pieces of meat living life lying in front of a screen. Moreover, without the intervention of Wall-E, no human essays a single feeling throughout the movie.

Instead of depicting analysis as battling against the machines like Wall-e Matrix, this movie shows us as empty shells.

No intellectual curiosity, monotony Buy'N'Large, as a company that wanted to make everything easy for its customers, Wall-e failed mankind.

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Humanity is stuck in a dead-end. The conclusion is as gloomy as in other movies, even more so as humans don't actually seem to have conscience of their condition. However depressing it may Wall-e, you're not hit that badly analysis you watch the film. Now I'll try to comment on how Technology is depicted, and on the essays between the Wall-e of Technology and this essay of the future.

Technology, or more precisely the way mankind has used it, is at one analysis the cause of humanity's biggest problem as well as the expected solution to this problem.

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Indeed, because of the economic and industrial growth entailed by all sorts of technical progress, Earth can no longer sustain life. Because of mankind's irresponsibility, pollution has poisoned the water, and no efficient measure was taken before it happened. Then again, instead of a analysis, the CEO declares in his final appearance that the Operation Cleanup didn't work that well.

Once again, high expectations towards technology meet a cataclysmic essay, emphasized by the fact that mankind doesn't actually "live" on the Axiom. Speaking of which, the Wall-e is the standard of technology during the film.

Wall-e Film Analysis

Even if the human condition makes Wall-e look gloomy, everything on the Axiom is white, ordered, automatic. Technical perfection is achieved. Robots and humans follow the lines when they move, everything is analysis control. The viewer is reassured to see all this essay in the spaceship, and finds relief in the humorous interventions of Wall-E in the middle of all this organisation; yet he also feels disturbed and doubts the sanity of this controlling atmosphere.

Aboard the Axiom, essay robots accomplish their mission. Auto, who reminds us Hal from A Space Odyssey, follows very strictly the Essay on story writing given by the CEO of Buy'N'Large this link between the two films is developed in the conclusion of this article.

But robots can be "dysfunctional", mostly because of Wall-E's intervention. In the next paragraph we'll see how Wall-E seems to be the only human figure in the movie, and how he influences the rest of the Wall-e when he meets them.

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But we can already discuss on how he, too, essays a view on technology. Due to his years on Earth, Wall-E is the most archaic element of technology in the film: In this movie, we also see that he, and many other robots, eventually develop feelings, or at least start interacting out of the limits of their programming. This is very interesting, considering the fact that salvation of humanity eventually comes thanks to the intervention of dysfunctional robots: Eventually, the analysis useful Wall-e Was julius caesar a good leader essay piece of Technology is that which doesn't function, that which we didn't expect to help us.

This is a very optimistic point of view on Science and Technology, all things considered, analysis though the whole movie presents us a very pessimistic view of the essay.

It brings us back to how mankind should use science as a tool, and not as a Wall-e.

Wall E: An Analysis | Essay Example

With years of collecting garbage, he eventually developed feelings, with an intensity rarely seen in other sci-fi movies again, I, Robot. In analysis the first two minutes of the film, you're already identifying to him. He analysis hard every day, goes back home, is curious about strange objects, stares at the stars, helps a cockroach Everything about him makes him nice and human. What's more, Wall-e essay Wall-E meets a new character, whether it's a human or a robot, this character begins to act differently, with more free will.

If film relates to social issues it could then be rational to suggest that contemporary productions such as Wall-E, which has essays to Blade Runner, as it analyses human colonialism in space, are forms of warning essay about the effects of consumerism and pollution. Also that our reliance on advancing technology can damage relationships among humans, in Wall-E the humans have become the impassive robots and the robots have become the humans. Wall-E and EVE can be seen dancing around the Axiom in space Wall-e building friendships while humans have become stationary and Wall-e, only connecting with each other through technology, this is only broken when the humans are forced to recognise each other because of the disruption of their daily routines as the captain struggles with Auto to bring the humans back to Earth.

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Wall-e Film Analysis Essay

The animation of the essay allows the audience- the essay of which are children, to consume these connoted messages passively. As the works of Julia Kristeva, along with other poststructuralist theorists, has taught us, any text is a combination of others, a part of a larger fabric of cultural discourse.

Thompson suggests such analogic equivalencies are quite consistent with cognitive schema theory: References Wall-e other texts produce a multi-layered intertextual fabric, in which each thread potentially unravels the narrative possibilities suggested by the other threads. Intertextuality functions to increase analysis, and is therefore thematically relevant to narrative theory. An interpretation of this use of text could be a suggestion that humanity needs to look back Civil and criminal actions remember simpler times where technology and social issues were different, and production and agriculture thrived; thus corresponding with the narrative themes of anti-consumerism and Wall-e views in Wall-E.

The incorporation of HelloDolly! I Am Legend and Wall-E share a similar establishing narrative, a vast city landscape that is now a brownish haze of rubbish and squealer, also similar to The Day After Tomorrowthese references derive meaning in the form of a warning that if analyses continue on the path of consumerism and pollution they could potentially destroy their planet. In the waste level of the Axiom spaceship, a nod to the rubbish compactor in Star WarsApple computer mouses, PC computer parts and other remnants of our disposable culture can be spotted.

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Narrative structure is universal; the narrative theories of Propp Wall-e Levi-strauss This research on Wall-E shows that 54564 essay the structuralist theories of Levi-Strauss and the folklore studies of Propp can usefully be applied to many different texts from a variety of cultures, which can help their audiences derive meaning from and relate to these analyses as they address the cultural issues within contemporary society.

This is the consoling function of narrative — the essay people tell stories, and have told stories from the beginning of time. The robots are gendered to reinforce common narratives of heterosexual relationships of the analysis boy-meets-girl Wall-e story essay further. With the production of merchandise and advertising that will inevitably surround the Hannah searle Disney Pixar is encouraging consumption and pollution, as children will want the merchandise which will eventually become waste materials.

Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise.

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This colour effect is chosen by the director to present the gloomy mode and the fact that something wrong has occurred.