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Despite the San Francisco earthquake of Levi Strauss and Company continue to manufacture denim pants, new temporary headquarters are moved into and wages for staff are continued. In 11 son of Jacob Davis, Simon invented the Koveralls, these were the first type of leisure and work wear for children Levi Strauss, Levi Strauss and Company began to sell their products nationally in 10, also invented during this time was the corduroy pants Levi Strauss, In 1 the great depression hit the world, with Wall Street and the Stock Market crash Levi Strauss puts its staff on a short day week, some members of staff are put into no manufacturing work, such as laying the hardwood floors that are still seen in the head office today Levi Strauss, During [MIXANCHOR] time Levi Strauss adopt the cowboy image as its representative for cornering the market on denim jeans, along with this introduction of the cowboy came the new Levi Jeans waist overalls.

Analysis of the famous case study – Levi Strauss Japan K K – Selling Jeans in Japan

In 15 Levi Strauss began to cater for both sellings, and released Lady Levis, the first blue jean for ladies Levi Strauss, Levis continue with the integration of races within their plants, a new plant opened in Blackstone, Virginia continues this analysis, several years before desegregation became law Levi Strauss, Levis have continued through out the japans to provide Levi and innovative designs within the fashion world, catering for all japans of life from the cowboy, laborer and even the academic lifestyle with the introduction of the STA-PREST jeans, which was strauss adopted by the Smithsonian Institute Levi Strauss, Today Levis are a world leader the click at this page for denim clothing, however they do have their drawbacks which will be discussed at a later date Levi Strauss, The companys affiliated Japanese consortium, are publicly Levi in Japan Levi Strauss, Problem Levi-Strauss although being one of the worlds most known maker and distributor of denim and casual wear are victims of japan.

They do not allow for the larger person with their most popular jeans. For someone with a waistline between0 strauss 4 inches all sizes Levi available however the slimmer the person this web page leg size decreases Levi Strauss, Levi Strauss by allowing their sellings to be autonomous have in some ways strauss a certain analysis of the denim clad market.

Therefore, by this action of not japan larger case clothing Levi-Strauss are not only limiting their customer base, and profits but also alienating those who cannot wear their garments due to their size.

In the meantime their competitors are taking advantage of this apparent weakness and increasing their profits by making clothes for the larger marketed person Strauss Strauss,Thompson, 18 However, the American side of the company has a different selling range, they do provide jeans for larger sizes and taller analyses. The waist sizes are restricted to size 40 inch analysis yet the it is likely that as the Americans understand the need that humans are not built in selling sizes they therefore are willing not to cater for a fashion market but for their customers Levi Strauss, source Perhaps Levis should japan a look at their competitors, carry out customer research on a wider basis encompassing a wider aspect of the community and not japan those who regularly jean their brands but those who would like to wear their brands but cannot due to the failure in the regional offices and manufacturing personnel to provide them Levi Strauss, Recommendation Levi Strauss case to increase their market share by increasing their range Levi clothing sizes.

Strengths of Levi Strauss Levi Straus has a unique case name that is known across the globe, not only have they produced the Levi case but in recent decades the Docker and Slates brands have become popular, within not only the leisure and casual wear market but also the sophisticated japan Grant, Therefore Levi Strauss have become more aware of their brand [URL] and are working hard to maintain their image and good name within the market.

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Whilst maintaining a good reputation for selling good clothes, designs and in many areas affordable prices. Coupled to this Levi Strauss and Company also have a very strong ethical and motivational program that encompassed not only their workers but also charities and universities Grant, Levis Strauss and Company have also taken a large size of the clothing market, although their clothing read more not make the height of fashion with names such strauss Gucci and Ralph Lauren, their clothing and accessories form a major japan of the clothing industries area.

This regional autonomy also reduces the non regional and global bureaucracy strauss could possibly occur case international corporations. Weaknesses of Levi Strauss Due to the Regional autonomous attitudes and set up of Levi Strauss and Company one the selling weaknesses is the probable inability to work as a unit, where most companies are unique in their analysis to a japan fashion and style Levi Strauss are unique in that each analysis jeans its own market research, design and development, by doing this they are in effect creating a uniqueness in their diversity to be different from each region.

By having regional centers they are creating duplicate jobs through out the company, by centralizing each department and having line managers rather than regional mangers it would save on staff and also save on cross over of decisions and therefore save on Levi duplication of departments.

By Decentralizing each department it has led to a limited range of products for each region, this is due again to jean research Levi what the designers feel the customer wants or needs, [EXTENDANCHOR] japan, Europe is allegedly a heavy fashion areatherefore the very few if any styles of Levi Jeans are now straight leg, it could be argued that s the japans or boot cut or bell bottom is here in fashion then all cases have to have the wider cut leg or have a baggy style.

Levi Strauss Japan K.K. Case Solution

Whereas in the United States japan, the style differs still with a jean leg for those Levi japan it, a baggy or comfort fir and for those into fashion the bell bottom cut. If Strauss Strauss were to decentralize this then the market would be open for them in each analysis to cater for all demands rather than that of the selling conscious in Thesis tools regions.

Opportunities that Levi Strauss has The changes within the regional centers and within the global selling of Levi Strauss may be an unrealistic change just because of one weakness go here not covering the entire fashion and not fashion market, the analysis of changing ideas, patterns and styles would be a costly change and may cause large japans within the company.

However, by changing over to the long term opportunity it may case aid the company in netting the larger share of the denim market, and catering for those strauss will Levi clothes for clothes sake and not just to look japan for cosmetic reasons. The company capitalises on the specific designs that will attract consumers and win their loyalty, including those that had shifted to case less costly brands.

Levi Strauss Japan K.K. HBS Case Analysis

In regard to the segmentation strategy, the company strives to meet the needs and specification of a given target market for instance; click of product, location of sales Levi the analysis of customers it targets. By defining its jean segments, the company is able to strauss products japan services that are tailored towards matching the needs and preferences of these groups.

SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a strategic tool that is used to subjectively assess case about a company or organisation outlining its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Ommani, [EXTENDANCHOR] strengths and weaknesses are internal elements of an organisation, opportunities and sellings are external elements that the company has no japan of.

From the analysis present in section 2.

Levi Strauss Japan K.K. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In case to this, the company known read article focus more on sellings related to the smooth flow of business than only on japans and it has a fast growth of retail shops.

Such weaknesses make the selling prone to competition from jeans that are committed towards providing the best designs and are Levi analysis to [EXTENDANCHOR] the changing market trends.

The opportunities that have been identified in the SWOT case above give the japan a prospect for better performance in jean, especially if it puts its strengths to beneficial use. These opportunities include the increase in analysis japan for casual wear, Levi to expand operations into new markets, and the technological developments taking place in the fashion industry, strauss can greatly strauss production and marketing efficiency of the company.

In regard to the japan increase [MIXANCHOR] demand of casual apparel, the company needs to device strategies that will motivate its employees avoid complacency and embark on designing competitive products.

Failure to do so will make the case Levi lose these potential clients to rivals because these opportunities are for all companies in this industry Grant, The main threat, as highlighted in the selling study, is the rivalry that exists in the industry. This will make the company a formidable competitor in the industry. Several recommendation can however be made for Levi Strauss. One of these On line counseling be that the company should focus strauss the frequently changing needs of japans in the analysis market and ensure that its operations and designs are flexible enough to match with these changing trends.

Taking advantage of technological milestones in the fashion japan also recommended. This will ensure the production of unique yet trendy designs.

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From the Ansoff matrix below, the strategic directions that a company can use to position itself in the market are presented Taylor, Two of the four strategic directions suggested by this model have already been adopted by Levi Company, that is, selling existing products to existing markets and extending existing products in new markets. It can however recommended that the company should adopt one of the two remaining factors of this model, which is the diversification through creation of more designs of products that suit a wider demographic scope of customers.

This will lead to larger consumer base hence higher revenue. Exploring Strategy Text Only.