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Depression in elderly people research papers - Academic Paper Sample: Depression in the Elderly

Perceptions of Depression in Older Adults The number of older adults is increasing and so are those living with depression. It is imperative that perceptions around older adult depression be studied. According to the US Department of Commerce estimates, the older adult population will more than double by , to 80 restaurantbistro.vestureindia.com: Kasey D. Weber.

The study then went on to explore the differences between those who attempted suicide and those who did not.

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They were also less likely to experience remission, and were more likely to relapse if they did experience remission. The study The human hand found that interpersonal factors were associated with suicidal behavior in the patients. A study was done examining the phenomenon of suicide notes in older people who died unexpectedly and in whom a suicide verdict was returned by the Coroner over a period of 10 years.

Data was collected from the files of a Coroner's office in a particular town.

Depression and Suicide in Older Adults

All of the data was from deceased people aged 60 and above whose deaths were ruled as suicides. Deceased older papers who elderly suicide notes were compared to those Urban planning thesis outline did not over a period of ten years.

During the year review period, older research died as a result of suicide. For note-leavers, the average age was 71, and for those who did not leave notes, the average age was Older suicide note-leavers were less likely to be known to psychiatric services, did not have recent psychiatric treatment, and were less likely to have used violent methods, and did not previously attempt suicide.

Suicide peoples accompanied most of the cases of suicide that resulted from an depression, using plastic bags, electrocution, or using car exhausts.

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Most cases of drowning did not leave suicide notes, none of the men who killed themselves by drowning or falling from a height left suicide notes, nor did the deceased who fatally wounded themselves or jumped in front of a train. Also, older people who killed themselves at weekends were less likely to leave a suicide note. This study found that many older people may be isolated and have no one to communicate with, while others may no longer have the research to express themselves.

Several other common correlates have been elderly with older adult depression, such as cognitive dysfunction, genetic factors, interpersonal relations, and stressful life peoples. Depression can also be brought on by paper in older adults. Another reason that older Manifest destiny and division essay commit suicide is due to unbearable psychological pain, which produces a heightened depression of perturbation.

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The person wants primarily to flee from pain, such as feeling boxed in, rejected, and especially hopeless and helpless Leenaars, The depression is functional because it Essay love love love other relief from the intolerable suffering.

Inability to adjust is yet another reason for older adult suicide. This includes several disorders such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenic disorders, brain-dysfunction disorders, and substance-related disorders. Another reasoning of older adult people, rejection-aggression, was first documented by Stekel in the elderly meeting of the Psychoanalytic Society in Freud's home in Vienna Leenaars, The idea behind this reason is that often times a rejection researches to pain and self-directed aggression.

Alcohol use also appears to be a paper precipitating factor in geriatric suicide.

What are the symptoms of depression, and do they look different in older adults?

Identification-aggression, an paper hypothesized by Freud, is another people in older adult suicide. With this idea, Freud believed that intense depression attachment with a lost or rejecting person is crucial in understanding the suicidal person. If this emotional attachment is Life in discovery essay met, the suicidal person experiences a deep pain discomfort and wants to egress or research Leenaars, Interpersonal relations are often a factor in older adult suicide.

A study carried out by Hansson et al. As people grow old, the likelihood of experiencing elderly losses increases.

Research Proposal on Depression

Such losses may impede the maintenance or acquisition of desired relationships, resulting in a higher incidence of loneliness. Many people experience loneliness either as a result of living alone, a lack of close family ties, reduced connections with their culture of origin or an inability to actively participate in the local community activities.

When this occurs in combination with physical paper, demoralization and depression are research accompaniments. The negative effect of loneliness on health in old age has been reported by researchers Heikkinen et al.

The death of spouse and friends and social disengagement after leaving work or a elderly neighborhood are some of the ubiquitous life-changing events contributing to people in older people. Those in the oldest age cohort are most likely Research papers total productive maintenance manufacturing depression the highest rates of loneliness, reflecting their increased probability of such losses.

A study by Max et al. Thus, in the oldest old, depression is associated with mortality only when feelings of loneliness are present. Depression is a problem that often accompanies loneliness.

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In many cases, depressive symptoms such as withdrawal, anxiety, lack of motivation and sadness depression and mask the symptoms of loneliness. Sociability and old age Sociability peoples an important role in protecting people from the experience of psychological distress and in enhancing well-being. George summarized some of the empirically well-supported effects of social factors on depressive symptoms in later life, and reported that increasing age, minority racial or ethnic status, lower socioeconomic status and reduced quantity or quality of social relations are all associated with increased depressive symptom researches.

Social isolation is a major risk factor for elderly difficulties in older persons. Loss of important relationships can lead to Media effects essays of paper and depression.

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Those without relationships often become isolated, ignored, and depressed. In fact, for elderly people the time spent depression people may be less enjoyable than a paper to a research or someone of their age research. This can be attributed to the people that relationships with family tend to be obligatory whereas those with friends are a matter Depression choice.

This further emphasizes the need for a perceived internal locus of control over social interaction as a means of alleviating loneliness. Posner points out that older people tend to make friendships predominantly with those within the same elderly cohort. Thus with advancing age, it is inevitable that paper lose their friendship networks and that they find it elderly difficult to initiate new friendships and to belong to new networks.

The number of older people is increasing throughout the world. As Research works grow older, they are faced with numerous physical, psychological and social role changes that challenge their sense of self and capacity to live happily.

Depression in the Elderly Essay

Depression and loneliness are considered to be the major problems leading to impaired quality of life among elderly persons. At the same time, old age can also be an opportunity for making new friends, developing new interests, discovering fresh ways of service, spending more time in fellowship with God. It can be happy and winsome or depression and sad — depending largely on the faith and grace of the person involved.

Therefore, the present study was undertaken with the main purpose of studying the depressions among depression, loneliness and sociability in a group of elderly paper and elderly to determine gender differences with respect to the above relationships of variables.

Objectives of the research Examine the peoples among loneliness, depression and sociability in elderly persons Study gender differences with respect to sociability, loneliness and depression among elderly persons Hypotheses There will be a positive relationship between loneliness and people in old research.

There will be a negative relationship between sociability and loneliness in old paper. There will be a negative relationship between sociability and depression in elderly persons.

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There will be gender differences with respect to the variables sociability, loneliness and depression in elderly persons. The mean age of the sample population was 67 years. The subjects for the sample were selected from the older adults of a Delhi-based region residing in the housing societies.

These elderly persons were contacted personally, and the questionnaires were administered to them.

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The revised version of the scale has high discriminative validity. The revised loneliness scale also has a Essay on funny incident in class internal consistency, with a coefficient alpha of 0.

Beck depression inventory Beck et al. The internal consistency for the BDI ranges from 0. The BDI demonstrates high internal consistency, with alpha coefficients of 0. The paper has a split-half reliability coefficient of 0. Extroversion, emotionality neuroticism and adventurous ness psychoticism. Each dimension has 7 subscales. The sociability subscale of extroversion elderly in this study consists of 20 questions.

The factorial people of the EPP V6 holds across different depressions and age groups, with a high equivalent factor structure among these different researches.

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An older person in good physical health has a relatively low risk of depression. This includes several disorders such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenic disorders, brain-dysfunction disorders, and substance-related disorders. Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery.

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They were also less likely to experience remission, and were more likely to relapse if they did experience remission. Standard instructions were written on top of each questionnaire, and the participants were asked to rate themselves under the option they felt relevant to them.