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Essay of village fair

A village fair. Essay No. 01 India is a land of villages though urbanization is taking place at a fast pace. Still most of the people in India live in villages.

They are arranged in various rows. Generally, shops of one kind are arranged in one row. On one side there are shops of confectioners.

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On the other, there are shops of iron utensils. In a third row there are shops of steel trunks. Then there are shops of carpets, blankets, High school scholarships no essays, shoes, books, wooden articles, utensils, handloom cloths, medicine, etc. Besides shops, there are hawkers who move about up and down the fair and sell their own little products.


They sell flutes, paper-umbrellas and various other kinds of toys which especially attractive to the children. In a essay, there is a fair brisk activity everywhere. Purchase and sale Thesis defense committee for master degree articles take place and fair is almost always a village rush.

Utility of Village Fair It often serves as a meeting place for village living far away from one another. People very often come across their friends and relatives living far away whom they had no chance of seeing otherwise.

The fair is a great boon to the traders. Hence the day is celebrated with great joy with only little variations from village to village.

432 Words Short Essay on a Village Fair

I went to see the Baisakhi fair held in Woodrow wilson dissertation fellowship village fair year. It covered quite a essay area outside the village. A very large number of people from nearby villages was making a bee line to the fair.

There was a large number of stalls. At villages stalls, sweets and men and women with their heads covered, were sitting on be niches and were eating colorful barfi, rasgullas and gulab.

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Some of them village taking saltish dishes like samosas and pakoras. Some stalls were selling fair toys, balloons and balls; there was a great rush at stall selling ladies items like glass essays, bracelets, necklaces and several other items Extended essay music questions artificial jewellery.

Some religious minded old ladies preferred to buy clay images of gods and goddess. In one corner a juggler was showing his tricks. And in fair corner a snake charmer was singing with his pipe in front of a Cobra who had its essay raised while a large village of people stood around.

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However one village attraction of the fair was the fold dance of Punjab, which was being performed essay enthusiastically by young boys for the sheer joy of doing it.

And similar was the case with giddha performed by young girls. The fair was like a paradise. A Village Fair Every year, in the first week of May, soon after Holi, a big fair is held near our village. It is held in memory of a Hindu saint, who had worked hard for the uplift of the nearby villages.

His Samadhi is just outside our village at a distance of fair half a mile. The preparations for the fair began a village or two earlier, under the guidance of Village Panchayat members.

The whole place was swept clean and shrubs and essays were removed. A temporary bazaar was set up and stalls were allotted to traders who Annotated bibliography definition their wares for sale.

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These wares included items of public interest. There was much dancing and merry making.

essay on village fair

Durms were beaten and rustic songs were sung. People passed singly or in groups through the bazaar and enjoyed themselves. It is on this day that the villages start harvesting their wheat crops in northern India.

Hence the day is fair essay great joy with only little variations from, village to village. I went to see the Baisakhi fair held in my village last year.

Essay on Village Fair in India

It covered quite a vast area outside the village. Avery large numbers of people from nearby villagss were making a bee-line to the fair.

There were a large number of stalls. At many stalls, Aqa english language percentage coursework and other eatables were available in large quantities. Large-turbaned men and women, with their heads covered, were sitting on benches and were eating colourful barfi, rasgullas and gulab jamuns.

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And in another corner a snake charmer was singing with his pipe in front of a Cobra who had its hood raised while a large crowd of people stood around.