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Stranded on an island essay - Kitsap Regional Library

A reason why the island you are stranded on is deserted might be because of the lack of fresh water. If you cannot find a stream nearby then look for coconuts, the milk inside is high in potassium and a variety of minerals. Although you cannot survive off of coconut milk, it will last you until the next rainfall.

Surviving on a desert island

I probably always will. This method is about teaching by example. What can students do to make sure they get the most out of their education.

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18:59 Zulucage:
Search for a vine to tie together everything so it stays put.

13:15 Zulusar:
Building a shelter is vital; it needs to be done before dark. Search for a vine to tie together everything so it Essay define happiness put. Keep yourself busy so you do not feel like you are going crazy.