An analysis of the friar as a tragic hero in william shakespeares play romeo and juliet

In one ill-fated moment, he placed his love of Juliet over his concern for Mercutio, and Mercutio was killed.

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Romeo then compounds the problem by placing his own feelings of anger over any concerns for Juliet by killing Tybalt. Romeo's immaturity is again manifest later when he learns of his banishment. He lies on the floor of the Friar's cell, wailing and crying over his fate.

When the Nurse arrives, he clumsily attempts suicide. [EXTENDANCHOR]

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The Friar reminds him to consider Juliet and chides him for not thinking through the consequences of his actions for his wife. The Friar then offers a course of action to follow, and Romeo becomes calm.

Romeo pleads with the Friar, and he gave in, thinking if Romeo and Juliet married then the feud between the families might end. Romeo tries to make peace with Tybalt even though he had deeply insulted him.

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Tybalt returns and Romeo challenges him, they fight and Tybalt is slain. How is it link her? When nurse says how miserable Juliet is Romeo snatches a here and offers to kill himself.

Thy Juliet is alive…Tybalt would kill thee, but thou slewest Tybalt; there art thou happy. After this speech has had been soothed to some extent and was happy at the prospect of seeing Juliet, he seems to be easy to please.

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After their wedding night together, Romeo and Juliet part before he goes to Mantua in act 5 scene 1. Romeo leaves with lots of kisses and farewells. Lots of things happen while Romeo is in Mantua here is a summary: Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she must marry Paris on Thursday.

Other than repetitive language Shakespeare uses oxymorons in this scene where opposite words are put in a sentence. He uses oxymorons for Romeos conflict with his past girlfriend Roselin, Romeo was meant to make love to her but she refused and ended up with both of them splitting up.

Romeo and Juliet

The fight scene takes place in Verona town square, in the market. This is a good setting because it shows the readers how bad the fight is because women and children are at risk of their [EXTENDANCHOR]. There are no peacekeepers amongst them all apart from the prince and Romeo, but they turn to violence.

The prince turns violent by saying he see more kill the head of the households if there is another fight, but that itself is a form of peace, because then there will be no fights. Shakespeare has tried to make Benvolio a peacekeeper, but the audience can see him as an inciter to violence.

Shakespeare's Tragic Hero Archetype

[EXTENDANCHOR] It also furnishes an opportunity for Mercutio to express his disdain of Tybalt. The second part completes the arrangement for the marriage.

Act II, Scene v. After suspense to which the Nurse's garrulity gives humorous relief, Juliet wrings from her the message sent by Romeo. Act II, Scene vi.

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The marriage rite is performed, but even this joyous scene is not without its warning lines These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die. The threads of the feud action and the love action cross each other.

Tybalt in seeking out [URL] comes upon Mercutio, who exchanges daring words with him. By chance, Romeo comes that way. Tybalt calls him "villain," but he controls his anger at this insult out of respect to his secret new alliance with a Capulet.

The hot-blooded Mercutio is angered at what link to be a vile submission and takes up the fight.

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Romeo and Benvolio come between them, but Tybalt strikes Mercutio a last revengeful blow and then runs off. The blow is fatal and the death of his friend rouses Romeo to revenge.

Citizens and members of the two houses gather. The Prince hears an account of what has taken place and Romeo is sentenced to banishment. Juliet is told of her cousin's death and her husband's banishment.

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After she has become almost distracted with confusion and despair, the Nurse [MIXANCHOR] says that she knows where Romeo is hid, and goes to take him a ring from Juliet and ask him to come that night to take his last farewell. Act III, Scene iii. When Romeo hears his sentence of banishment he gives way to despair.

What the philosophy of Friar Laurence fails to do in the way of comfort is effected by the message from Juliet.

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The Friar warns him to depart by break of day for Mantua and promises to keep him informed of happenings in Verona. Act III, Scene iv. The action of the Paris love suit begins to take definite shape.

Capulet sets the following Thursday as the wedding day of his daughter and the county. Act III, Scene v.